Some Assembly Required

Can't get TAB A into SLOT B? We can put that new desk together or the shiny new bike for your kid's birthday!

  • Furniture - Whether it's a single bookshelf or a full bedroom full of furniture, we'll follow those pesky instructions so you don't have to!

  • Toys & Fun Stuff:

  • Bikes - You don't want to give your kid a pile of bike parts for her birthday.  

                   Give us the chore of assembly, give her the joy of riding a new bike... and a helmet!

  • Outdoor Play Sets - Traditional metal swings or the huge playsets, even outdoor playhouses 

  • Light Fixtures & Chandeliers - A new light fixture can brighten your space, but when they come with all those little dangling pieces, it can dim your spirits. 

  • So Much More - If the box says "Some Assembly Required", give us a call


Due to the inherent danger involved in the use of outdoor play equipment, you may be asked to sign a waiver holding Check Handyman Services harmless for injury,  in the use of equipment.


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