Your attic can be a great space to stash the Christmas decorations, but it could also be costing you money. As much as 85% of your homes heat & A/C could literally be going through the roof.

  • Attic Insulation - An R Value of 30-60 is recommended for Texas attic's (That's 13-22 inches)

  • Duct Insulation - The ducts that carry your cold air into your house should be properly insulated and sealed as well. Your attic space can reach temperature above 120 degrees... 

  • Seal Air Gaps - Can lights, air ducts, attic stairs and other openings between your ceiling and the attic allow hot air into your living space as well as dust and other allergens.

  • Ventilation - Proper ventilation of your clothes dryer and bathrooms reduces heat and moisture in your attic, prolonging the life of your roof.

  • Water Pipes - Exposed water pipes can freeze and burst creating major repair bills. Adding insulation and heating tape is much cheaper than the damage of a busted pipe.

  • General Attic Maintenance

There are some general items that should be addressed on a regular basis:

  • HVAC Filter inspection and replacement - Your main unit in the attic may have a filter system as well as the intake filters inside your home

  • Drain Pan - Your HVAC unit and your water heater have drain pans to collect and send water out of your attic in the event of a problem. These often become clogged with insulation causing a potential flood should the pans overflow

  • Attic Stairs - Stairs should be inspected annually and should be replaced if damaged

  • We can also install stereo speakers and run the cables to your new home entertainment components or your camera system

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