The average bathroom remodel runs between $8,000 - &10,000. You can change the look and function of a bathroom for much less.

  • Paint - The easiest and most cost-effective way to change any room is with a fresh coat of paint, also add some wallpaper to create an accent wall!

  • Clean, Clean, Clean - If moldy caulk or mildew in the tub and shower make you want to use the bathroom downstairs, let us re-caulk and steam clean those trouble areas.

  • Tile & Grout - We can clean and seal your grout, or put in new tile.
  • New Fixtures - Tired if the bronze faucets from the 80's? Replacing faucets is another fix that makes a huge difference without the huge price tag! While your at it, let's replace the toilet.

  • Lighting - Create a master oasis with a chandelier, or replace those outdated strip lights with modern, more efficient and brighter fixtures.

  • Sink, Tub & Toilets - For a more dramatic change, replace the sink and tub. For a better "GO" get a new throne.

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