You spend a large part of your home-life in your bedroom, make it something special.

Give your guests the boutique hotel treatment when they come to visit.

  • Paint - The easiest and most cost-effective way to change any room is with a fresh coat of paint, also add some wallpaper to create an accent wall

  • Window Treatments - Mini-blinds, black-out curtains, shears or shutters

  • Artwork - Hanging new artwork or family photos brings visual interest to any room
  • Entertainment System - Putting your TV on the wall looks great, but the dangling cables don't! Put your components on a floating shelf or reposition the cables inside your walls.

  • Lighting - Create a master oasis with a chandelier, or replace the outdated ceiling fan with a sleek new energy efficient model.

  • Flooring - Replace your dingy carpet with hardwoods and area rugs.

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