Your garage can be the most under-utilized space in your home. We can build custom cabinets and shelving so your family can store everything from sports equipment to cleaning supplies.

Clear enough space, and you might be able to get your car in the garage.

  • Lighting - Brighten up your garage, it's the first space you see when you get home. We can convert your fluorescent fixtures to LEDs, saving electricity and avoiding the fluorescent flicker.

  • Storage - Whether you need us to assemble store-bought shelving or custom built cabinets, we can help you get organized.

  • Garage Door - We can repair a broken window or install a new door. Do you need to add or replace an opener? Install or reprogram a keypad remote for ease of access.
  • Epoxy Floors - Protect your garage floor from spills and leaks with an epoxy coating. Epoxy can also cover minor imperfections in your concrete floor.

  • Change It Up - Create a home gym or use the space for an office. Turn garage space into YOUR space.

  • Attic Stairs - Using your garage for attic access cuts the attic dust and heat from entering living space.

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