Home Autimation

Isn't Technology Amazing?

Today's technology allows you to control many of your home's systems from anywhere. Your smartphone, tablet or computer can give you eyes on your front-porch, turn on the stereo from the pool or even answer the door from your tub. Technology is amazing and we can help bring it home!

  • Home Monitoring - Turn on the lights so you don't come home to a dark house, monitor doors & windows, be alerted of water leaks or glass breakage, answer the doorbell from your anywhere!

  • Motion Sensors & Cameras - Know who is at your front door or pulling into the driveway.

  • Access Control - Give each family member a special code, know when they arrive and leave, or you can unlock the front door from your office! You can even make sure you closed the garage door.

  • Thermostat - Come home to a cool house, just adjust the thermostat before you leave the office.

You can automate almost anything in your home with today's technology. Start with simple things you do all the time, to make your day go a little smoother. We can add to your system as you find new tasks you would like to control.

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